Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Uniface Lectures

Uniface have got a new series of "lectures", or webinars, coming up soon.  These sound like a great idea, and are covering a range of different subjects.

 Uniface Lectures

The webinars are one a month, and topics published so far are...

Modernization - Thursday 18th February (8am or 4pm CET)

How to give your Uniface applications a Windows 10 look and feel, and how to work with different screen resolutions.  

Deployment - Thursday 10th March (TBC)

How to more easily distribute and update your Uniface applications.

JavaScript - Thursday 14th April (TBC)

How to use Uniface in existing web pages.

Mobile - Thursday 12th May (TBC)

How to build your first Uniface mobile app.

Integration - Thursday 16th June (TBC)

How to integrate your Uniface applications with Dropbox and OneDrive. How to use semantic URLs for Uniface RESTful services.

I'm just passing this information on because I think they'll be useful.  If you want more information, or to hear it from the horses mouth, check out the website...


  1. Thanks Rik, the first 'one site' one on modernization was last night, and went really well with a full house and all pizza was eaten.

    Keep an eye on www.uniface.info for more news on this initiative.

  2. Great! Is pizza included in the one next week? :)