Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Modernising Uniface - part 3

Over the past couple of weeks I have posted about Modernising Uniface (and here), and this is the third and final post in this series.

The third post from Theo Neeskens was primarily concerning the new flat buttons, which look like this...

As you can see, the new flat blue buttons, on a white background, are on top of the old grey/grey.

The first thing they needed to do was categorise the different painted button types, and they came up with five...
  1. IDFButtonBottom - for the big buttons at the bottom of dialogs
  2. IDFButtonSide - for the big buttons at the right-hand side of dialogs
  3. IDFButtonSpecial - for the other buttons
  4. IDFButtonImage - for the small buttons without labels (eg. ">>")
  5. IDFButtonHeader - for the buttons which make up the header on simulated grids

So then there are a few jobs that needed to be done...
  • Change the properties in the configuration file for these widget types
  • Match modelled widgets with painted widgets
  • Set the properties on the painted buttons
  • Set the properties on the modelled buttons

Again, many of the these jobs were achieved with tools, and all of these have been provided in a zip file, to be downloaded and modified if you wish, but not supported by Uniface and used at your own risk.

The full blog post is definitely worth checking out, including the "Wishes" section at the end... Modernizing Uniface 9.7: The buttons

Summary: Uniface has successfully (in my opinion!) modernised it's IDE in version 9.7, meaning we don't have to wait for Uniface 10.

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