Thursday, 15 October 2015

Modernising Uniface

Uniface have been putting a lot of work into the new Uniface 10 IDE, and this is something I'm looking forwards to getting my hands on, but it could be a while yet.  Good things come to those who wait, they say.

Well the good news is that the delays in Uniface 10 have led to the decision to release a Uniface 9.7.  Whilst they may be planning to put limited time into this, whilst focusing their efforts on Uniface 10, it looks like they have big plans to modernise.

In the first of a 10 part series, Theo Neeskens has outlined the objectives and the first set of changes - the start screen.

The objectives were straightforward enough...

  1. New start page - Windows 10-esque - big change.
  2. Change grey backgrounds to white backgrounds.
  3. Use trendy flat buttons.
  4. Fresh look and new colour scheme - something different.

Looks like they met the objectives, based on these screenshots...

Now that's a radical change!  I think changes like this will be very well received, and help stop people getting such a negative first impression of Uniface as a language.

The full blog post is definitely worth checking out... Modernizing Uniface 9.7 in 10 easy steps.

Summary: Uniface is modernising, and we're not going to have to wait for Uniface 10 to get in on the action.


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    1. I didn't say that it changed Uniface as a language, I said it would change people's "first impression of Uniface as a language". The change is in the impression, not the language itself. A person's first impression of anything is really important for how they perceive it.

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    1. I agree that I am praising the modernisation of the editor, that is what the blog post is all about. Our idea of when someone's first impression is formed is obviously different, and I'm happy for us to disagree on that point.