Saturday, 16 June 2012

Undocumented feature - interrupt - part eight

Continuing from part seven where we looked at "989", I will now do a full summary of the known functionality that we've looked at in this series of posts...

Code Description Example Alternative
0File information
if ( $status < 0 )
  ;file doesn't exist
  list = $result
  name = $item("Name",list) ;"test"
  type = $item("Type",list) ;"txt"
  vers = $item("Version",list) ;""
  attr = $item("Attrib",list) ;"UUU"
This doesn't seem to return any useful information now.

Could use:
$fileproperties or

These return lots more file information, but not the same.
2Extract filenameinterrupt(2,"C:\temp\test.txt")
filename = $result ;"test.txt"
Use string manipulation
(although interrupt takes 60% of the time)
3Extract file pathinterrupt(3,"C:\temp\test.txt")
filename = $result ;"C:\temp\"
Use string manipulation
(although interrupt takes 60% of the time)
5Working directoryinterrupt(5,"")
working = $result ;"C:\temp\"
5Uniface "usys" directoryinterrupt(5,"USYS")
uniface = $result ;"C:\uniface\"
$fileproperties of "usys:"
6Concatenate file path$result "C:\temp"
filepath = $result ;"C:\temp\test\"
Use string manipulation
(although interrupt takes 70% of the time)
7Parent directoryinterrupt(7,"C:\temp\test\")
parent = $result ;"C:\temp\"
Use string manipulation
(although interrupt takes 33% of the time)
10Directory listing (files)interrupt(10,"C:\temp")
list = $result ;"test.txt·;test2.txt"
count = $status ;2
$dirlist or
$ldirlist (with "FILE" topic)
11Directory listing (folders)interrupt(11,"C:\temp")
list = $result ;"test·;test2"
count = $status ;2
$dirlist or
$ldirlist (with "DIR" topic)
989Application focusinterrupt(989,"APPLFOCUS") No alternative
(doesn't seem to work anyway)
989Format string
$result "RPL"
string = $result
Use string manipulation
(doesn't seem to work anyway)
989Undo gold characters$result "R·;P·!L"
string = $result ;"R;P!L"

It seems that the interrupt command isn't really very useful anymore.  The functionality has either been replaced by new Uniface functions, or can be achieved by string manipulation.  Given the performance improvements, it may be worth considering using interrupt if you are heavily handling file paths, but given the number of iterations needed to see the difference, I'd be surprised if this was ever worthwhile.

Given the numeric nature of the code, I'm sure that the unknowns (1, 4, 8 and 9) must do something too - I'd love to know what!  Probably some of 12-988 do something as well, so I'm sure there are some hidden gems within the interrupt command.  If you know of any, please let me know in the comments.

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